New bug with blocking an ad account by Policy disabled on Facebook.

Novy j bag s blokirovkoj reklamnogo akkaunta po Policy disabled v Facebook
New bug with blocking an ad account by Policy disabled on Facebook. 3

If your advertising account has been restricted because of a violation of the rules of advertising and in the quality of the account is not possible to request verification (screenshot), this is a new bug that Meta’s internal technical department is working on.

Новый баг с блокировкой рекламного аккаунта по Policy disabled.

At this point, instructions on how to file an appeal in such accounts:

Click on the button in the lower left corner with a question mark > Go down the menu on the right side to the last option > Click on “Leave Feedback” > Select the first option “Promotional Rules” > 2 option “Disabled Account”.

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Make your appeal in English. That way, you are more likely to get a quicker response. Be sure to include a link to your personal Facebook profile and ad account number.

For example: “Hello, my name is (your name as in your profile) my Facebook profile :
Restrictions have been placed on my advertising account (advertising account number).

Please activate the “request verification” option under “account quality” so that I can appeal the decision and, if possible, continue to work with advertising activities on the platform. Thank you in advance!”

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