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If you have a working, interesting ad launching case, we can post it completely free of charge. Provided that your advertising launch case is not fake. Do you want to buy advertising on our site? Write here: (tagged want to buy ads on:


1. Advertising places on the site
2. Attendance at FBCPA.PRO
3. Our FBCPA.PRO Telegram Channel


Advertising spots, positions on the site:

Рекламный банер описание позиций рекламы

Format – 1 (PC) Branding the site with your advertising visible on all pages. Possible animation. Price on request, seats are available.

Format – 1 (Mobile) The banner is visible on the home page in the mobile version. General banner Format – 1 (Pk. Price total with banner for Pc. Price on request. Places are free.

Format – 2) Banner size, 275×450, can be seen in all the articles on the site. Benner movable, moves along the site, always moving and visible. Price upon request. Places are free.

Format – 3) Banner size 275×450. There are seats.

Format – 4) Banner size 275×450. Price on request. Places are free.

Format – 5) Excellent advertising banner that is visible on the main page of the entire site. Price on request. The banner is visible in 15 places on the site. Places are available.

Format – 6) Advertising banner size: 864×100. Places are free.

Рекламный банер в разделах

Advertising banner in the section: Useful Links.

Well-visited place where almost every user of the site. Price on request. Places are.


Website Attendance: FBCPA.PRO

Statistics from 16 March 2023 to 16 April 2023. The average time spent by our users on the site is more to 3 minutes. Average age 25 – 34 years, 62.7%. The main source of traffic is – search engines.

Статистика метрика яндекс

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You can also check the statistics of our site through: SimilarWeb comparison by absolute attendance.


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Our site is actively developing. We buy advertising. We attract a new audience to our site. Statistics on attendance and so on. Every month only grows. We invest in our site and develop it.

FBCPA.PRO Telegram Channel

The channel was created March 9, 2021. The number of subscribers is 3,240 people. Audience active without any kind of nakrutka and other things. Price on request. Ad space is.

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We have our own chat telegram channel, the guys communicate every day. An active audience. When you buy ads in our TV channel, make an additional repost to our chat + anchor in the chat.

There is a waiting list for advertising, write in advance.