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01/27/2023 Good afternoon. I’m Dmitry Shvechikhin (VK), And today I will tell you what I do. I AM – Professional Arbitrator, I have been involved in traffic arbitration for 7 years now. For those who are not in the subject: I run advertising on social networks, on “partnerships” – partner products, and get paid for the customers who come. It’s easy, interesting, profitable. It is easy to earn 1 million rubles or more without leaving your home.

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And most importantly – you do not need to communicate with people at work in real life) I’m a terrible introvert, working from home – I really like it. It’s good to earn money and be a rich person – I like it too.

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Traffic arbitrage allows you not to communicate “with clients”, not to communicate with employers, but only with friends from Telegram or VK. Traffic arbitration is an automated scheme. We go to the Affiliate network – where we are given a link to sales site.(leading is called – from the word “sale”))) We place this link in social networks – we launch advertising in the advertising account of the social network (all social networks have an advertising account) – and that’s it! Ads are shown – people go to the site, make orders, and money is credited to me automatically!

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It looks something like this: Advertising account According to this scheme, it can work any person from 16 to 70 years old who wants to make money on the Internet and is inclined to understand the needs of people (what people need). – As it turned out, the most common needs are “weight loss”, “breast” enlargement, “male penis” enlargement – this is the most frequently ordered on the Internet, skin whitening (in Asian countries there is such a fashionable need), as well as applications imitating casinos on phone and rates. I’m doing “inside” – these are not drugs that help people increase or whiten something in intimate places. “Gambling and betting” – these are directions related to betting games – they don’t work for me (although for many it works very well). If you are interested in the topic of Nutra launch in 2023, then read more this one an article that Artyom Abrosimov wrote https://fbcpa.pro/zaliv-trafa-na-nutru-v-novom-2023-godu/  Arbitration is a very promising topic. It allows you to work well and earn good money. Get rich and change your life. Buy yourself an apartment, a good car, help your parents. The nuances of traffic arbitrage – we discuss in the chat: https://t.me/FBCPA – come to our chat, ask questions. I, my friends and colleagues help, answer many questions. Now we have 2107 Arbitrators in the “gang”! Join and you! I invite everyone to start gradually study, delve into a niche, learn and try!

27 01 2023 200906

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27 января 2023 20:10

Димитрий, привет. Спасибо тебе что рассказал про себя. Что вы занимаетесь Профессиональным Арбитражем уже 7 лет.

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