Choosing an Anti-Detect Browser

Good afternoon. I’m on the phone to Dmitry Shvechikhin, I am an experienced arbitrageur and have been running Facebook and Instagram ads for 6 years as an advertising agency. I pour traffic to affiliate networks and make money on it. If you want to be successful in traffic arbitrage, I recommend you to choose a partner network. AdCombo.

The second step we need a Browser with an anti-fraud system, that social networks, in our case it is Facebook and Instagram – do not ban our accounts! (Because Facebook and Instagram – not very fond of when one person uses many accounts) They want to have a One person – there was one account, not a lot.

If they even begin to suspect that you have multiple accounts, they immediately blocking you as a spammer!

What would not happen, you need to use special Browsers that mask the fingerprints of the computer and social network – thinks that they are different people.

I checked many browsers because I wanted to find the best one. (about 20 different browsers) and to put it mildly, I was very disappointed in half of them. They behave like a cheap car, they work, then they don’t work, then everything is fine, then there are a lot of errors and blockages – not stable and not reliable.

Too bad this unreliability applies even to the “most common browsers” – it’s like the “cheap cars are plentiful on the road, but they’re often not reliable. It’s the same with Browsers.

So: Top browsers that I think are good, and that you can START using for FREE with the “free version!” – so you can try them first and then buy them. #these honest browsers

1. Incogniton Browser – A great old and time-tested browser. Registration and download page.   – 10 profiles are given in the free version – seize this opportunity!


2. Adspower Browser – A powerful tool for Professionals. See for yourself – here is the website: profiles use free of charge in the test version (like it – you will definitely buy/pay for it later).
+ An additional benefit is the fast import of accounts and automatic error traversal through integration with harvester:


3.  Indigo Browser – The luxury browser for teams and automation. It’s the TOP in the market. Here’s the signup page: -download and use 7 days free of charge. Your promo code: FBSTORE (Gives 50% cashback on renewal access).


4. Gologin Browser  – Anti-detect Browser for those who like stability and comfort. Registration page: – 7 days you can use it for free, and further, I recommend buying a subscription.
+ An additional advantage is fast import of accounts and automatic error traversal through integration with harvester:


Bottom line:

Take advantage of the free features of each browser:  They all hold accounts perfectly and have shown fewer bugs in tests. If you like it later, pick one or two and pay for the paid version, to save time.

Other browsers I do not advise you to use, because they are buggy, the support ignores, social networks – do not accept them. Show interface errors, problems with login, with the binding of payment cards, etc. Don’t bother – The arbitrageur’s main resource is “Time”

Traffic = money!

– save time! If it works fine – buy for a month and move on to start traffic!

The ranking was done by me, Dmitry Shvechikhin, based on my experience.

Questions about accounts can be asked in my chat room , If you have any questions about browsers, please write to the support of the browsers themselves.

Store for the best accounts to run Facebook and Instagram ads: .


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