Top 4 Facebook Bay Area Schemes

Hi, my name is Christina, and I’m the media buyer girl that everyone has heard of, but no one has seen. I’ve been breaking the stereotype that traffic arbitrage is a territory without women for 6 years.

I started out according to the classic scheme: Back in 2017 I graduated from courses on targeting in myTarget. For a long time I worked with myTarget, now I prefer gambling and other iGaming products. Gradually mastered setting up the RK in Inst and FB*. Spoiler! I’ve been using the second one as my main source for more than 5 years now.

In fact, that’s what we want to talk about:

During my work with the source, I’ve identified four top schemes for launching campaigns on FB, which I plan to share below. If you’re reading this and think you’ll find a philosophical CPA stone in the material that will give your campaigns eternal life and a 100% launch guarantee, I’m sorry to disappoint you.

The schemes described below are the result of my personal experience, which may not work for everyone. We all understand that FB moderators do not have favorites. Therefore, what worked for my FB may not work for yours.

Much will depend on the consumables and the GEO in which you plan to spill. I’ll leave links to marketplaces whose accounts I use in my work below.

Let’s begin, shall we?

Bay Area Schematics

  • King + autoreg/log

Probably the most popular FB starting scheme, which rarely fails.

One of the peculiarities of the method I would single out is the difficulty of finding a quality KING, or even better, a pharma, which will not fly off at the check at the first launch of the campaign. The average price of such an account ranges from 450-600 rubles. In an ideal world, it is better to have two King. With one I knit cards, take access rights to FP, and with the same run the campaigns themselves. The second King is needed for reinsurance in case (yes, it still happens) departures on the check.

I buy the aces themselves at In almost three years of cooperation there have been no questions to the guys. I have never had any questions. I have tried a lot of different antiques, but I have stopped at one. I tried different antibodies, but I stopped at Dolphin{anty}, Because there is no more convenient or more profitable way to do it. By the way, I take payments here …. I use proxies from And I don’t even use change of IP-address, so that ip is the same for each King. When I do proxy myself from my phone, fb gives more limits on spends 🙂

If you manage to find a good KING, consider it half done (no). Next, it’s worth determining the type of accounts we’re going to knit.

There are two options:

– Cheap Car Regs

The essence of the bay – to transfer the rights of autoregs on KING. Usually I knit up to 9 aces on one KING.


– Akki with an increased limit + KING CCD

Two FPs and three cards are tied to each King. The launch and binding of the card itself is done from the high-limit side. In the case of account collapse or the need to edit the RC, changes can be made through any of the King with common FPs.

When working with high-limits, I try to use Kingies that have passed the RDA (I get them most often here:, in the MCDP section, it has already been verified and has a green check mark). Yes, you will have to pay by the coin for these accounts, but the result is worth it!

  • BM + autoregister/logs

I will warn you. Yes, there are a lot of bans. Yes, I rarely use this method. Yes, it works. Suitable for those who like to take risks and also, like me, continues to see the potential in BM.

It takes a quality FARM with created BM. Through it I request the rights to the accounts (usually not more than 15) and throw them in the ottoman for an hour or two.


If you plan to knit all accounts to one BM, don’t forget about obligatory addition of trust admins. And in order not to lose all accounts in case of manager’s ban – divide autoregistration between two BMs and save a little on price when you’re not sure about his trustworthiness.

Personal recommendation! To bind autoregs to BM I suggest using автозалив Dolphin, It makes life a lot easier and you can see all the status in one window.

Good BM and not expensive autoregisters for binding I advise to take in Store FBstore, always valid, and a convenient format. And if anything, they help in the support chat for all questions

  • The Bay from the BM’s advertising office

A timeless classic with less cost and ease of setting up and running the RC. The success of such a bay will be largely determined by the way and date the BM was created.


It should be understood that in the case of a ban BM, the advertising office is disabled automatically. Even if it was previously transferred to another BM through a partnership.

  • Pouring directly from the personal account

Or an easy way to learn about all kinds of bans on Facebook.

Thousands of times written and spoken a million times, that ABSOLUTELY any account sooner or later flies off on confirmation of identity. So, if you choose the method of pouring directly from a personal account, you should understand that the life of such a PK is equal to the life of the account. And what affects the life of the account? Exactly! Trust.

Accounts with increased trust are accounts that are more than a year old. On the market, they cost between 500 and 1000 rubles, and are also sold in the Market, about which I wrote above.

So, to summarize…

Any of the schemes described above, can easily be upgraded depending on your volumes, consumables, and even verticals. I would be very happy if the guide was useful, write in the comments as you pour in, and be sure to come back with more cases in case of positive feedback.

Good luck on FB!

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