Text uniqueizer.

Hello. I want to tell you about the uniqueization of the text.
Let’s analyze the service: https://fbbox.pro/
there is a text unifier function.
With the help of this service, you can uniqueize the text.

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Text uniqueizer. 11

Why do you need a text uniqueizer?

If you are an Arbitrator, Targetologist, Marketer. A person who advertises in various traffic sources, you should know that in each advertisement you must have a Unique text. AI pays attention to this parameter – artificial intelligences, in various advertising platforms – from where you run ads.

Example: If you run ads with 1 text on 100 ad accounts and your text is 1 and that Faceboook may reject your ad for unknown reasons. It’s like with Photo uniqueization. It is necessary to unify so that in the eyes of AI we are clean.

Text uniqueizer. 12

Text uniqueizer – now I’ll show you how to use it.

Text uniqueizer. 13

Guys: https://fbbox.pro/
There is a step-by-step video instruction on how to register in the service. Look at her. The price of the service is more than affordable. I think everyone can afford it.
We have logged in and purchased a license, let’s move on to the next step.


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Text uniqueizer. 14


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Text uniqueizer. 15


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Text uniqueizer. 16

Here is a step-by-step instruction on how to use the .Text uniqueizer function.

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Text uniqueizer. 17

I will uniqueize this text.

Text uniqueizer. 18

Here I click.

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Text uniqueizer. 19

After a couple of seconds, we get: The unique text.

Text uniqueizer. 20

Text uniqueizer – does everything in a couple of seconds. It is convenient when you need to uniqueize the text in large volumes when we run many advertising accounts. In general, it saves time at times than doing it all by hand.
Now our text in the eyes is AI completely unique. You need to uniqueize the text for each account.

If you have any questions write below.

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