Testing Business Managers Accounts from fbstore.ru

Hello everyone! Long time not visited the site FBCPA.PRO Here decided for newcomers to show test accounts with BM from the shop FBCTOR I have in my personal account FBCTOR remained 200 rubles, let’s buy them accounts on which there are Business Managers.

We’ll test the account: Ukraine, Account +2 BM. The best account for different launches.

Купить Украина, Аккаунт +2 БМ. Лучший аккаунт для разных запусков.

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Украина, Аккаунт +2 БМ. Лучший аккаунт для разных запусков.

After purchase, download the account to your computer.

Украина, Аккаунт +2 БМ. Лучший аккаунт для разных запусков.

And cookie it through the anti-detection browser. Dolphin Anti, which provides 10 profiles free of charge. Discount – 20% off with promo code: FBCPAPRO on any tariff. Click on Dolphin Anti to register and apply the coupon. Proxy to anti detect browser use from Proxy-store site by this link.

Smiley face After logging in, we close and let it sit for 12–24 hours. I will not wait for 24 hours when writing the case study, but will show examples of accounts that have already been dormant. After curing, go to the ads manager, in the Account Overview confirm the page and add a payment method. Cards can be purchased in https://combo.cards/ The first 20 cards are free of charge for new customers.

Smiley face After adding the map, it is advisable to do some more tweaking, as you know when you need a rush. After the time has passed, create a campaign, choose a budget, create a pixel, insert a link and a crew. After that, again, I recommend making the draft to do a rest. Then we send the campaign for verification. The campaign is successfully uprooted and starts to bring you income.

Smiley face

Smiley face

In this example, the advert was run in the social network. Since we bought an account with BM, you can do the same manipulations in the advertising account of the business manager. As always, I wish everyone to find a converting bundle, good bays and high upruv! If you have any questions, write below.

“The best consumables for running Fb adverts”: https://fbstore.ru/
“If you have any questions, write them to us in the chat”: https://t.me/FBCPA
“Join our Telegram Channel”: https://t.me/FBCPA_PRO

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