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One of the most pressing questions for arbitrageurs is which payment service to choose? Today there are many different services on the market, but many of them have high commissions and are issued only for teams.

FlexCard is a new virtual card service that may be a real solution to these problems. These cards are highly functional and have an affordable price range, making them one of the best choices for those looking for a bargain.

FlexCards have a simple and intuitive interface that makes it quick and easy to manage your payments.

Virtual cards go out in droves when you pour in masses from Facebook, TikTok, Google or any other site. Therefore, both price and quality matter when choosing them.

FlexCard benefits:

The cost of cards – from 2 EUR;
Reliable BINs – there are three of them in the service now, new ones are launched every 4 months;
Unlimited fast issuance;
Depositing commission – from 3,5%;
Minimum top-up amount – 50 EUR;
Convenient team functionality;
Quick support;
You get 10 cards for every new user you bring in for free.

FlexCards are suitable for running ads on the most popular sources: Facebook, Google Ads, TikTok, Snapchat, Twitter, as well as for paying for arbitrage services.

Card issue price is from 2 EUR to 4 EUR. No service fee. Cards are issued as Visa Business debit cards. FlexCard currently has 3 BINs. They promise to issue new BINs every 3-4 months. Sophia BIN is identified as Spain, Barselona BIN as Brazil and Edinburgh BIN as Estonia. Barselona BIN is better connected to Google, Sophia BIN and BIN Barselona are perfectly connected to FB and TT, and Edinburgh BIN is perfectly connected to FBGoogle.

The cards have the same balance, that is, the money is deducted not from the card, but from the BIN, and it is not necessary to constantly transfer money from account to card. It is enough to specify a daily/monthly withdrawal limit.

Cards can be credited in any convenient way:

USDT (no additional fees);
Bank wire transfer (no additional fees);
Capitalist (additional commission 2.5%);
Cards, including cards of Russian banks (extra commission 2.5%);
Transfer from the balance of the partners (no additional fees).

You can refill cards from USDT or affiliate account from only 50 EUR, through a bank transfer the minimum deposit of funds starts from 100 EUR.

Each BIN has different commissions for deposits. Sophia BIN and Barcelona BIN – 3,5%, Edinburgh BIN – 4%.


Payments are quickly knit to the advertising offices, kabas not fly out;
Fast and unlimited card issuance;
No card maintenance fee;
Low cost of issue (from 2 EUR to 4 EUR);
BINs are updated every 3-4 months;
For the test each user can get from 3 to 100 free cards when registering with the promo code FBCPAPRO.


Telegram Channel: – Sign up, there’s a hub of discounts from partners on the most essential services.

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