Clean scam techniques.

Not much of a pre-story. I wanted to get a man to farm Facebook accounts.
The task was to register Facebook Accounts, farm them
7 days and then hand them over to people to run.
For 1 account paid $5 Geo, which had to register Latvia.
In a week, had to register 50 accounts.
Promised golden mountains. 😁 50*5 = $250 per week.

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Found a chat room where there was an offer to recruit Farmers to the team.

Chat itself:

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That’s the kind of offer that was on the farmer’s kit.

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Clean scam techniques. 5

This is the man who cheated me out of $80:

This is their method of deception. Recruit a team of pharmacists, give access to everything. Only they ask to buy a proxy. And dump their site: ask to buy a proxy here, and then it is already possible to register accounts.

Colleagues, be careful! Use only trusted providers!
This Foxy proxy company is not directly involved in the scam, but as part of a scam scheme:

  1. Farm accounts are offered.
  2. Only for farming, you need to buy a proxy.
  3. And then OPA – the Foxyproxy scammers 👍
  4. Accept money and block profiles

    I managed to capture a piece of video. The man deleted the rest of the correspondence, he did not have time to take screenshots.

2 payments of 40 usdt = 80 usdt received

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They gave out proxies:

Proxy Latvia Mobile Api changes by link


HTTP PORT: 40830


LOGIN: 40830


Proxies don’t work
there is no return.
There is a blocking

That’s the story of the scam. Be careful when they tell you to buy proxies from dubious stores.

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