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Today the story will be about how to raise the envelope and trust on the pages!

An envelope – because people like to order from famous people – people love big numbers, but they don’t trust zeros), and social networks see the activity of the pages, and slowly add trust to them.

Meet “Service for recruiting subscribers, likes and promotion”.

01 02 2023 030824 – the most reliable service for recruiting (cheating) subscribers and likes on Instagram (Banned in the Russian Federation), Facebook, and Telegram!

The best combination of price and quality and reliability in the world! 👌 Infa 100%

Now I will test and show you:

1. Go to and click “Register!”

A simple, simple registration form, mail / password / letter – 1 minute of business.

01 02 2023 030824

Direct link to register –

2. We enter a simple interface (5 seconds of time). Direct link to login form:

01 02 2023 030824

3. Choose a social network – where you need to make friends or likes, and look at the prices:

Social network:

01 02 2023 030824

and prices:

01 02 2023 030824

I – choose a reliable option – 110 rubles for 1000 pieces.

I’m going to replenish the balance, everything is familiar, the section “Payment”, “Qiwi” – it’s so convenient for me, there is all the cash.

01 02 2023 030824

And I help one “Info-gypsy” – raise an asset on a profile for marketing purposes.

Launch settings look like this:

01 02 2023 032640

Everything, we press the button, everything took 5 minutes and the execution began.

Start: 01 02 2023 032640

Finish: 01 02 2023 032640

Bingo! So you can do yourself, a girl, friends, or famous bloggers. This can be done on Facebook, Instagram, telegram channels.

It is done! For everything-about-everything 5 minutes, therefore, according to the step-by-step plan.

I don’t know about you, but I really like it when I save my time and nerves, and quickly do things.

Try add subscribers your girlfriend or friend 🙂

The service is called!

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2 февраля 2023 23:41 – это хороший сервис для накрутки, подкрутки.

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