Meta (Facebook) sued Freenom.

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Meta (Facebook) sued Freenom. 2

Meta (Facebook) sued Freenom, which suspends domain registration.

Domain name registrar Freenom, whose free domain names have long attracted spammers and phishers, stopped registering new domain names.

The move came after Meta sued the Dutch registrar, alleging that the company ignored abuse complaints about phishing websites by minimizing traffic to these offending domains.

Meta originally filed this lawsuit in December 2022, but asked the court to dismiss the case, which would have limited public access to court documents on the dispute. That request was denied, and in early March Meta amended and re-filed the lawsuit.

An ICANN spokesperson said that the organization does not understand why Freenom might have stopped registering domain names. But it says that Freenom (d/b/a OpenTLD BV) also received formal enforcement notices from ICANN in 2017 and 2020 for violating various obligations.

Let’s see where this goes from here. Write your comments below.

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