MeetUp Big Money from 1win Partners was held in Almaty.

Date and time of the event:
01 June
1 06 01 1
MeetUp Big Money from 1win Partners was held in Almaty. 2

Theme: “Big Money” was chosen to emphasize the common interests of the company itself and its partners from the arbitration community, as well as to once again make our presence known. We did it 100%, and the guests were delighted (and are still posting nice things about Mitap even a few weeks later). We really wanted everyone who visited our event to ask themselves: “Why haven’t I been to an event of this level before?

The big news. Was the announcement of Igor Alex (Owner Private inc.) as our Ambassador. 1win not only deepened its relationship with a real market top/important partner, but also took an important step into the future: a mutually beneficial, profitable, media-driven one. Giving a well-deserved boost to Igor and the Prywats, and showing all the other webs that no one’s good work gets past us. If we want to conquer new heights, then only with people we can and want to trust.

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Other events:

  • In total, more than 700 people attended the Big Money Meetup
  • A huge area in Almaty with several pools was prepared for the guests
  • TED Talks were given by the list of speakers (Roman Ostrovsky. Alexander Slobozhenko, Igor

    Aleksei/Asked Abdulgalimov, Vlad Marlon), and they took part in the Round Table, where they debated on the topic of big money.
  • Up until the evening, guests immersed themselves in networking, making new connections and making new friends (there were plenty of people to meet!)
  • Yanis and Big Baby Tape were the headliners of the grand party.
  • Memorable themed Limited Edition merchandise was distributed as gifts, which could be obtained only by the participants of the event
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