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Last week our development manager Maxim gave an interview to Safety Detectives and talked about digital footprints and how they affect targeting ads, the benefits of anti-detect browsing, the challenges online marketers face, and more. We’re happy to share this insightful interview with anyone interested.

About Safety Detectives: Safety Detectives is a publishing group of cybersecurity experts, privacy researchers and technical product reviewers located around the world. They are committed to providing their readers with accurate and valuable information, so they can make informed decisions about how to stay private and secure online.

Safety Detectives: Can you talk about your background and your current role at AdsPower ?

Maxim: I’ve been with the AdsPower team for over a year, and it’s been an amazing experience in my career. I’m currently creating different types of content for AdsPower, hosting streams with users and partners, and optimizing the product.

Over the past few years, I have been actively involved in marketing research, management and growth in the crypto and online advertising industry. With my experience, I understand the basic needs of our users, and it helps a lot when it comes to creating a new idea or responding quickly to user needs.

SafetyDetectives: What are the main services of AdsPower ?

Maxim: AdsPower is an anti-detect browser, the perfect tool for managing multi-accounts. We provide software that creates separate browsing environments with unique proprietary digital footprints.

In addition, in AdsPower you can work together with your team or manage each team member separately if you are the owner. You can also automate routine tasks and access many services through our network of partners.

The browser is ideal for professionals and entire teams involved in online advertising, traffic arbitrage, crypto projects, betting, e-commerce and more.

Safety Detectives: Can you explain the concept of digital prints and its impact on targeting advertising?

Digital fingerprints, also called fingerprints, are essentially pieces of information about your device that are used by websites, such as screen size, OS, number of processor cores, and others. Fingerprints are primarily used for marketing purposes, but also to monitor user behavior online.

Regarding impact, I can highlight two important points. For large platforms, mostly monetized through targeted advertising, print has become a valuable source of user data. With this data, big companies like Facebook or Google can target ads more effectively and increase profits. Online marketers who work with these platforms certainly know this. With this data, you can target your ads most effectively, showing them to the right audience, thereby increasing sales and profits.

If we look at it from the point of view of the average user or the marketing team, unfortunately, prints can be used against you. There are too many restrictions placed on accounts, and it is now almost impossible to make a good profit working with one account. Therefore, controlling your fingerprints and managing multiple accounts are basic needs for anyone working in online marketing, especially when it comes to Facebook, Google and other industry giants.

Safety Detectives: How can Internet marketers maximize the effectiveness of using AdsPower in online advertising?

Maxim: Advertising is a really big market that includes different business models. So how you can use AdsPower will vary from case to case. However, anyone running a business will prioritize security, convenience, and cost-effective workflow.

Overall, AdsPower allows you to manage multiple accounts on different devices, avoid bans and automate tasks.

For ease of understanding, I will name a few basic uses:

  • For teams that have many accounts on different platforms, AdsPower is a great tool to control all those accounts in one place, especially when working with partners or employees;
  • For teams that manage advertising from a single platform, such as Facebook, this is a very important need because it’s simply impossible to open 30 Chrome accounts and not get banned;
  • For teams that do a lot of routine work, because you can automate it very effectively with AdsPower.

Safety Detectives: What common problems do advertisers face, and how does AdsPower solve these problems?

Maxim: The advertising market is so interesting that you can see from your own experience that information equals money. There are many problems that both large teams and single professionals face, and it is impossible to list all of them at once.

In general, if you find a problem and solve it, it’s when you find an opportunity to scale your business while your competitors are “sleeping.”

Broadly speaking, with AdsPower, you get access where you don’t have it: to any region, to any platform, to any number of accounts. On the other hand, you can increase the efficiency of your existing business. AdsPower will protect you from bans and save you a lot of time with its user-friendly software solution.

SafetyDetectives: What are the potential risks and benefits of using browser anti-detection in online advertising campaigns?

Maxim: The main risks faced by marketers are possible data leaks, which occur in some anti-detect browsers. By the way, AdsPower does not have a single case of data leakage. The second risk, is sensitive information related to business or occupation. AdsPower uses encryption of all data that passes through the browser, so users can be sure that they are safe.

When it comes to benefits, there’s a huge amount of room for them to unfold. AdsPower is a tool that even people with no experience in technology or online business can quickly master.

You can access any global market, start a business anywhere in the world, on any platform, and be confident that all your accounts are safe. And, of course, you can save a lot of time and money by working in the same space as your team or network of partners automating routine tasks.

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