On June 26 the second international free affiliate marketing conference “Bridge the Gap” will take place

Date and time of the event:
26 July


Bridge the Gap: The conference brings together experts from all areas – SEO, PPC, other paid sources, affiliates, webmasters, brand representatives and more. It will also be useful for product owners, partners and affiliate program aggregators.

Speakers will include industry leaders and young professionals with impressive case studies and extensive knowledge of the latest trends. They have prepared valuable talks to share with the audience. Exciting discussions, practical knowledge and new opportunities await you.

At the Bridge the Gap conference you will be able to use concrete examples and practical tests to understand which strategies are now profitable and which methods are no longer effective. The conference program covers a wide range of topics. Explore the intricacies of hiring in the betting and gambling industry, learn effective ways to build successful arbitrage teams and gain insight into affiliate marketing from an advertiser’s perspective. This is just a small part of what’s in store for you.

Registration for Bridge the Gap is already open! Stay tuned, subscribe to the channel at Telegram and keep an eye on the page at Instagram. You will have the opportunity to ask questions, receive detailed explanations, and communicate directly with the speakers to gain a deeper understanding of their presentations.

video announcement of the event:


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