How to Cast Nutra on Hungary: GEO Parsing with MakeMoney TEAM

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Aloha, arbitrageurs! MakeMoney TEAM continues to prepare reviews of GEO, to which our readers give good feedback. Today we move on to Hungary, one of the most beautiful countries in Central Europe.

Many affiliates do not consider Hungary as a GEO for active traffic shedding, but this is undeserved. Traditionally, we will talk about the average income of the population, the demand for gut products, and show examples of creatives from SPY services.

Basic information

Hungary is a country with a strong economy and a population of more than 10 million people. The country is tier-2, but the solvency of the audience is not inferior to some countries in the first tier.

Basic Information:

  • Currency: HUF (Hungarian forint)
  • Domain: .hu
  • Time zone: UTC+2
  • Phone operating systems: iOS – 18%, Android – 80%
  • Mobile operators: Magyar Telekom, Yettel, Vodafone
  • Popular payment systems: Mobiamo, SEPA, Narvesen, EcoCard, Mint
  • Popular apps (Social): Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, Reddit, Tumblr, LinkedIn

You will need quality accounts to effectively pour in from Facebook to Hungary and other European GEOs.

Average income of the population

Hungary is on the list of tier-2 countries, so the statistics do not include salaries of 5-7 thousand dollars, as it was in the review of Australia. The average salary is $1,500 and the minimum is $630.

Data from analytical studies show that the minimum wage is slowly increasing every year. For example, in 2020 it was 464 euros.


The average annual salary of Hungarian workers is $17,650. This figure does not include income tax, which is quite high in the country, as in the rest of Europe. The tax rate varies from 10 to 20%.

A breakdown of annual salaries by specialty:

  • assistant bank manager – $27,000;
  • business development manager – $23,000;
  • civil engineer – $15,000;
  • accountant – $10,500;
  • graphic designer – $10,400.

The amount of income depends greatly on the location. In the big cities: Gyor, Miskolc, Budapest, salaries are on average higher than in the rest of Hungary.

It is also important to know how average salaries vary by age group. Statistics show that people aged 35-44, 45-54 earn the most.


Demand for gut products in Hungary

The demand for health and beauty products depends largely on the overall health situation. In Hungary, the life expectancy of citizens is low. Research data show that Hungarians live on average 8 years less than the rest of Europeans.

50% of deaths are caused by cardiovascular disease and diabetes. According to the WHO, about 30% of Hungarian men abuse alcohol, which affects their potency.

The situation with obesity is also deplorable. Almost 60% of the population is overweight. The problem became particularly acute after the start of the coronavirus pandemic. Residents of the country began to eat more and move less.

Hungary is the third most obese country in the EU. Overweight causes joint problems, prostatitis and other diseases.

Also, According to Pubmedо about 1.6 million people in the country suffer from fungal diseases every year. Based on all of the above, Hungary is the ideal GEO for a gut flush.

The buying power of the country’s residents is excellent. E-commerce revenues are projected to reach $2.7 billion in 2023. The health and beauty category is one of the most popular.


Examples of gut creatives

Given that Hungarians have a lot of health problems, it is easy to assume that the demand for potency products, joint creams, varicose vein medicines and other supplements is very high.

The main language of the population is Hungarian, but only about 20% of the inhabitants know English. It is possible to test ENG creos, but you have to be careful with the bids. Help with the translation of creatives can help affiliate managers or professional translators on freelance.

When creating pictures and videos for ads, it’s worth considering the European mentality. People trust healthcare professionals, so it’s better to focus on a storytelling approach.

Analysis of SPY-services showed that arbitrageurs use standard entries when pouring to Hungary. In the example below the traffic is poured on the quiz, and at the end they offer to buy an infoproduct. The creo is as light as possible.


Other examples:

creo 2 creo 3 creo 4

The second example is designed in a similar style, but is devoted to a trainer for strengthening intimate muscles. Note that there is no psychological pressure in the commercial. The advertiser relies on the demonstration of the product and the doctor’s participation.


Prelending is usually in the form of stories from ordinary people or on behalf of doctors. Shocking content, which arbitrageurs are accustomed to using in creos and CIS feeds, is best avoided.


Hungarians trust doctors and do not respond to standard call-to-actions like “three times during the night” or “a lump of worms came out in the morning. The creatives should refer to scientific facts, expert confirmation, and specific figures.



What the MakeMoney TEAM is pouring into

Traffic to Hungary is cheap relative to European countries, so since the beginning we have already given more than 2,600 leads on this geo (and this only in CPAGetti, and there are 2 other PPs in the works). By the way, the Spaghettos are up quite a bit on hypertension and diabetes – payouts from $37 (and we have even more plus with bump for volumes).


With the permission of the teamlead, let’s pass the stats on one of the spilling of the Ventura offers, as followsIntenskin EU. At the end of 2022 found a working approach to it, which still converts, only the creo is updated.


Hungary is one of the unobvious GEOs that can bring good profits when pouring over the gut. To get a high ROI, test different approaches in creos and focus on profitable bundles.

Write to our chat room, do you plan to test offers for Hungary, and be sure to subscribe to Telegram blogе. We often share tips and tricks to help you pour even more efficiently.

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