Hello all, leading a set of assistants in the setting up and implementation of advertising.

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What is needed: Advertise the services of the service center.


A list of services and an understanding of what you need to work with can be found on the site: Auto-License.info

There are two options for cooperation:

1. I acquaint you with all kinds of services, give you a price and you yourself take requests, I reset ready orders.

2. You set up and enter the advertising cabinet, all requests are accepted and processed by me. In this case, we agree with you on a fixed fee + the cost of advertising, I’ll take care of myself.

P.S. Please do not waste my time or yours. The most important thing – your desire to work for results, not for a tick. In the future there are many interesting projects, so we need a team willing to grow and develop!

The contact for contacting me: https://telegram.me/Dmitshev

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