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We invite you to join our Midas Farm team as a Facebook account farmer and take up social media management at a professional level.

We are looking for responsible and interested in arbitration people who are ready to work remotely. We provide flexible working hours, a flat rate per account, and career opportunities within our successful company.

In addition, we guarantee full training for those who do not have experience in this field, as well as a friendly team that is always ready to help.

In order to become part of our team, you will need to register accounts on Facebook, warm them up, perform certain actions and fill out a table with reports.

To work with us, you will need a PC or laptop, constant mobile Internet, and Facebook experience will be a plus.

You can contact us via Telegram, where we will answer all your questions and discuss the details of our cooperation.

Join Midas Farm and start your journey in the world of Facebook arbitrage with us!


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