Facebook is making an error. 2fa is not working.

V Facebook proishodit oshibka. 2fa ne rabotaet
Facebook is making an error. 2fa is not working. 5

Hi everyone. 🤝 Let’s imagine this situation, you buy a Facebook account for advertising, maybe for some of your personal purposes.

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1.) Buy Well from uniform accounts “Ukraine” Preparation 14+ days.✔️Регистрация by sms+email+Photo+2Fa✔️Длинные cookies + farming outside fb.✔️Создана and pumped FP + BM .

2.) Buy France. Account-KING | Manual Farming FACEBOOK with BUSINESS MANAGER .| Profile complete, RK+FUN PAGE + FARM | +2fa

3.) Buy USA Account-KING | Manual Farm FACEBOOK with BUSINESS MANAGER.| Profile complete, RK+FUN PAGE + FARM | +2fa

For example, you bought these categories of accounts. You try to log in via anti deact browser, proxy, all accounts have” 2 FA two-factor authentication” But when you enter 2 FA in the field where Facebook requires you, it gives an error that it is incorrect.

Your Customer: You start writing to the support of the shop where you bought the account and demand a replacement.
The problem is not in the account, the account is valid.

Screenshot 2023 09 04 at 09 37 36

Appeal from 1 customer who bought an account with 2 FA.

photo 2023 09 04 09 38 54

This is the error you can see when you try to enter the key from 2 Fa

Who doesn’t know what 2 Fa is and how to use it is here: Press 🙂

Why can there be such an error, how to solve it ?

1.) The main reason is bad proxies 99% of the time.
2.) If you have good proxies, you will log in to your account without problems. You will not have an error with 2 Fa.

As it should work fine if you have good proxies.👆👆👆👆

Services where you can pass 2 Fa. Facebook.

1.) https://fbstore.ru/page/2fa

2.) https://fbcpa.pro/tools-2fa/

Quality proxy services for traffic arbitrage – We have collected a small selection of proxies that we use ourselves. Try testing different services with proxies. 🙂👍

“The best consumables for running Fb adverts”: https://fbstore.ru/
“If you have any questions, write them to us in the chat”: https://t.me/FBCPA
“Join our Telegram Channel”: https://t.me/FBCPA_PRO


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