Facebook / Instagram Launch Marathon.

Meta is banned on the territory of the rf.

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Facebook / Instagram Launch Marathon. 4

Hello, everyone. I want to tell you about my marathon. What is included, what I guarantee you, how to earn Arbitrage Traffic in 2023, how much the marathon costs, how long it lasts approximately in time, tell you what tools you will need to enter the marathon. Look at the video it lasts 5 minutes there I laid everything out.

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Cost of lifetime access to Marathon for 2023. 250 $$$.
Marathon payment: https://paywall.pw/gvozgajovpxw
Contact: https://t.me/Kansk_Abrosimov

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  1. In the marathon, we study topics on running ads with Facebook, Instagram.

  2. Verticals you can run ads on Nutra, White Goods, Gambling, Dating, Personal Blogging, Crypt.

  3. The marathon suits both beginners and guys who are already trying something and have a result.

  4. In time marathon will take 7 days to study all the information, Video calls with me where I will explain everything point by point. It all depends on you can learn everything in 3 days.

  5. As part of the marathon will give you free accounts, from: https://fbstore.ru/ Also prompt tools that we need where to get them in free access, how to install them and properly use. There will also be a variety of private discount coupons for various services.

  6. After you pass the whole marathon and start earning on Traffic Arbitrage, my support will also continue. + you stay in the chat room of the marathon.

  7. I guarantee you my help and support, explanation where how to do what is done where to click correctly, how to choose an offer on which you can run traffic and make money on it. I’ll tell you how to choose the right affiliate on our site: https://fbcpa.pro/category/partners/. Then it all depends on your desire. Since I can’t force you to do all this and make money remotely.

  8. The marathon has up-to-date instructions on how to run ads, and the information is also up-to-date. As we ourselves with Boyars regularly launch traffic.

  9. If you have any questions before joining the marathon, you can message me on Telegram: https://t.me/Kansk_Abrosimov . We can call you or just chat in Telegram and I will answer your question

PS: Feel free to write your comments below. We will also respond.

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