Continuing to test the new NOOKLZ autofill

Today I offer you a little video overview on pouring Facebook accounts into the free autoload NOOKLZ. Buy 10 accounts purchased on the site FBstore. Next, we will load them into the autoload, bind to all the map and pour campaigns, as shown in the video.

Step by step video as I set up and run ads in the auto bay NOOKLZ.

As a result of nooklz all 10 of them poured in. accounts FB and tied up cards in eight accounts. A very good result. After a while, on all eight, accounts began to unroll ads.

Smiley faceSmiley face

This was a description of some of the features of the new Nooklz autofill. All features of Nooklz, which it has a lot, you can see when you thoroughly test it.

As always, I wish everyone to find a converting bundle, good loads and
A lot of uproar!

If you have any questions, write below.

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9 марта 2023 18:07

Спасибо за продолжение

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