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Hello, everyone. Chri! Subscribe to my channel Christina Kon | Arbitrage traffic. For the last three years I’ve been working mostly with gut. It didn’t go smoothly all at once, but with time I reached an ROI of 50-70%.

In the fall of 2022, I decided to try it with gambling, to raise income and just dispel boredom. Below I’ll tell you about the costs and yield in each niche: maybe it will help someone choose a vertical.

About Gut

I’ll tell you right away that all the services and products I’m going to name below are not advertising. It’s just that I have worked with them and know their characteristics. If you have your own and they suit you, great.



In my experience, in order to work with gut on FB, autoregs are enough. It’s better not to spend money on expensive accounts, at least until you get your hands on them. Samyh accounts can be taken with a reserve: 40-50 pieces, and then complement the need.

At the start of accounts will be even more likely to fly into a ban or just to check, and the reserve does not have to idle. Price accounts – $0.7-1.5. Recently took in.

Expenses: 0.7-1.5 $ – depends on the quality and geo accounts.


As with most niches, it is better to take mobile. I saved a lot of money in the beginning: I got some static proxies and ended up with a dozen accounts – don’t do that.

The cost of proxies depends on the type and quantity. On average, normal mobiles cost 2000-3000₽. There are cheaper variants: for example, the ones with ip changes automatically every 1-10 minutes, these are general proxies, which in addition to you sit 5 other people, but I chose the best option for me in terms of price and quality. I make my own mobile proxies from my phone through iProxy. The price is $46 per month. The service gives out a trial for 2 days for free.

Expenses: $40-50 for one proxy


From my observations, domains have different levels of trust – yes, I’m the kind of person who believes in history with trusting sites to users. As a rule, domains with history are more trustworthy. However, at the start you can not bother and rent inexpensive domains.

Some arbitrators find offers from private individuals: conventionally, you can buy 1000 domains at a rate of 4-5 rubles apiece. However, these guys need to look for the channels in the TV.

There are more transparent options with official sellers, but in this case the price will be higher. For example, .fun, .site, .space, .website domains at timeweb cost 99 rubles apiece, and the cheapest domain starts at $ 0, 98 at namecheap.

Moreover, the arbitrators I know have been using cheap domains for years and have no problems.

Expenses: 50-70$ for domains with a reserve

Tracker + server

I use Keitaro, but it is possible to take others: a question of convenience and finances. The tracker additionally needs a server: Keitaro offers its own server options depending on geo. If you choose a server on another site, make sure it fits the requirements of the tracker.

Expenses: tracker – $52/month for the starter tariff for 1 domain. There is a test period of 14 days. The server will cost $ 30-50 – also depends on the geo and the servak.

Anti-Detect Browser

In the realities of 2023, I can’t imagine working without antidetection. There are a lot of options. If it is important to save money, you can take antiques with free profiles: Dolphin and Incogniton give 10 free profiles for an indefinite period.

If you need multiples of more, it is better to buy the paid version. All of the working antiques – with a user-friendly design and cool functionality – paid versions start at $ 80-100/month.

Expenses: 0-100$/month


With the development of neuronics, unique creatives can be created quickly in a couple of clicks. The main thing is to formulate the request correctly. The best thing is to formulate the request in the right way.

From popular free neural networks you can use starryai, dream by wambo, midjourney, stable diffusion, rudall-e, chatGPT. Some have restrictions on the number of images per day.

Expenses: from 0 $


If you don’t have time to put together your own page layout, you can outsource it. Personally, when I started out, I did everything by hand: creatives, texts, and landing pages. It was important for me to save as much budget for tests and pouring, and to understand all the steps…

A typical landing page will cost $40-70 – depending on the artist and your idea of beauty.

Costs: $0-70 per landing page


Payments are a chronic problem for arbitrators, especially in the last year. If you work from Russia, you will definitely have to use intermediaries. Payment costs may include:

  • Card issue: $2-10
  • Card maintenance: $5-10
  • Depositing commission: 2-8%. More often they forgive to deposit with crypto.
  • Payment system commission: 0.5-2%

Each service has its own nuances. From what I’ve used lately: Anybill и

Costs: $10-20 per issue/service + commissions from replenishments and spends.

Budget and tests

In my opinion, the minimum budget for traffic is $1,500 or more. It is unlikely to be less than that, especially if you need to get your hands on it and test it en masse.

This is why you should have a reserve of money for the time of the hold, so you should have a reserve for the further pouring.

How much can you earn from the gut

Right now my ROI for the gut is in the 50-70% range. From a budget of $10,000, I get $5,000-7,000. Sounds good, but let’s not forget consumables: subtract about $1,900 – +/- $300. More precisely on the costs is difficult to say, because they vary from month to month.

So, if in one month I thoroughly stock accounts and domains for different offers, then work with them until they are not over – this can be 2 months or six months. The same tracker I often buy for a year – it’s cheaper and I forget about it for a year.

About gambling

What are the costs in gambling

I won’t dwell much on the blocks that recur from the gut, so I’ll list them in a list:

  • Accounts: it is better to take good warmed up accounts with fp. I can find them for $2 or $5, depending on the seller.
  • Proxy: I do it myself from my phone through iProxy. It comes out 46 dollars – (40 tariff to mobile operator and 6 – iProxy)
  • Domain: 5-100 ₽ per domain
  • Tracker + server: about $100
  • Creatives: free or outsourced
  • Payments: $ 5-10 per opening + commissions for deposits and turnovers

This is what unites these two niches. By the way, some arbitrageurs don’t bother and use agency offices.

In this case, of the aforementioned consumables, you only need creatives, a landing page, and a payment system. It costs about 15-20% of spend, but it depends on the company. But there are no problems with accounts and other things, and that leaves pure arbitrage: find cheap traffic and resell it profitably.

The main problem when working with gambling

Gambling has one big problem that makes not everyone want to mess with it

– apps.

Apps are used both as prelending to go to the final site, and as standalone ways to promote any niche. Apps bring great traffic, as long as you can stand the hassle of dealing with them: search, settings, bans. Trouble with prills: if it gets banned, you can throw out accounts, proxies, domains, and creatives with it.

And here comes the question: where to get quality applications.

There are the following ways:

  • Create it yourself: long, not always of high quality, there are no guarantees that the application will pass moderation and in general will go to users.
  • Order development: expensive and still no guarantees on moderation and demand.
  • Use applications from affiliate companies: most often poorly converted and often fly to the ban.
    The exceptions are private applications. They can bring good traffic, but you have to test.
  • Rent a ready-made app: passed moderation, but the price sometimes bites and you can’t change the innards of the prilla without extra charges.

Of all the options, I settled on renting. In this case, the application has already passed moderation and there is no need to come up with a tool from scratch.

There are several options for paying rent:

  • A flat fee: for example, offers to rent an app for $120 per 1,000 installs.
  • Payment for downloads: you have to pay the developer for each installation. For example, in moniacc – $0.05 per installation, in irent – up to $0.2 per installation.

How much can you earn from gambling

I can’t speak for everyone, so I’ll give you my example. From November 2022 to March 2023, I reached an ROI of 110%. Let’s not forget the consumables and the prills.

I can’t say yet that I have a good grasp of all the nuances of the niche, but these results are pleasing.

Gambling or Gutra: What to Choose

To make the difference clear, I’ve put together a little table to compare the two niches. Keep in mind that proxies, accounts, and domains can cost more or less, depending on the sellers.

Nutra Gambling
Accounts $0.7-1.5 per account $2-5 per account
Proxy $40-50 for mobile proxies $0.5-1.5 per IP
Domains $0.1-1.5 per domain $0.1-1.5 per domain
Tracker+server ~100$ ~100$
Anti-Detect Browser 0-100$ 0-100$
Creatives free or outsourced free or outsourced
Landing 40-70$
Payments $5-$10 per issue/.
service + commissions
$5-$10 per issue/.
service + commissions
Appendix from $120
Budgets and tests from $1,500 From $3,000
ROI 50-70% 110%

I think that arbitrageurs who have worked with both niches will agree that it is better to start with gambling: it is easier, cheaper, and can bring excellent income in the first few months of work.

If you already have some experience and want to try another niche with a higher income – gambling is the best. There are many nuances in the niche, but if you get to grips with them, the income can increase manifold.

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