Ads Power 5.7.4: IP verification source, new interface languages and Google account login

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In the new version of Ads Power 5.7.4, there are several new features, including a new source of IP address validation, new languages in the application interface, Google login method and other improvements that will make your work more efficient.

Verification IP

Determining the geolocation of an IP address is an important aspect of multi-accounting in any situation. There are many IP geolocation verification tools and websites that determine the IP quickly and easily. However, sometimes the following situation occurs: you buy a proxy with a US IP address, but when you check it on a verification site, it turns out that the IP is Canadian.

Don’t rush to blame the validation site or proxy provider for the poor quality of the product, keep in mind that they may be using data from different IP geolocation databases. Each IP geolocation database has its own method of location detection, which inevitably leads to variations in IP verification results.

We always had a function in Ads Power, in the profile settings, to check the connection to proxies, where their geolocation was displayed.

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Once you open a profile, the geolocation is also displayed on the start page.

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Taking into account the above-mentioned situation, in this update we have finalized the IP address verification functionality. It now allows users to select an IP address geolocation database to determine the IP address of the proxy. The choice is available between IP2Location and ip-api, these are the two most popular IP address databases.

New application interface languages

We now support Italian and Indonesian languages.

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Proxy Configuration.

The maximum number of username and password characters has been increased to 200.

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Profile sorting.

Added sorting of profiles by “Name” and “Import Time”.

Authorization via Google Account.

You can now link your Google account to Ads Power and log in through it.

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Opening profiles.

If the country or region of the profile is different from where it was last opened,
the profile will not open.

Download the latest version of Ads Power to try this update. You can also read hanges и тnews, to learn about other changes included in this version. We always welcome your feedback and requests to help us improve our product and service!

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