A step-by-step start of facebook advertising through BM for beginners.

Now let’s look at how to run facebook ads through business manager. To run it, we’ll need an account and a BM, which can be purchased from the account store Fbstore.ru.
Coupon: Kansk_Abrosimov – 15%. First, you need to link the BM to your account using the link that comes with the purchase of the BM. Do as shown in the video. Open BM, link to it the card and launch an advertising campaign for a wide audience. Places of placement take Facebook and Instagram feeds.

View link: https://youtu.be/GP2HLMkXSn8

I hope that this video helped those who are at the beginning of their journey in traffic arbitrage.

As always, I wish everyone to find a converting bundle, good pours and
A lot of uproar!

If you have any questions, post below.

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