7 mistakes in creatives for GAMBLING

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Many creatives make mistakes when creating creatives on Gambling, while the web gets the wrong results and does not understand what is wrong. If you bypass these “rakes” right away, you can reach a good conversion rate and not waste time and effort on solving these problems on your own.

As Theodore Roosevelt said, “Fools learn from their mistakes, but smart ones learn from others.”


Each nation expresses emotions in a special way. It depends on many factors: geographical and historical, political and cultural, etc. People living in the northern latitudes are less emotional and talkative, which cannot be said about the southerners. Here the following expression comes to mind: “If you tie an Italian’s hands, he will not be able to speak.” If we take Italian emotions, then we see a pronounced articulation, a multi-pitched voice and sweeping hand gestures. It is difficult to give such a characteristic to a person living in the CIS.

India reaction example:

An example of England’s reaction:

Our task is to make it clear to a person that people like him can win. Therefore, an emotion should be understandable for a person, or, to be more precise, it should be his emotion. We conclude that you need to take emotion from the country to which we upload the creative. If we take Turkey, then we take the happy faces of the Turks. Brazil – Brazilians.

But where to get the right emotions? There are several options: find a video on the Internet. We take the example of the Turks – it is enough to drive in the YouTube query “The reaction of the Turks to enter the university.” If you have patience, you can find a good video with a lively reaction that is understandable to the citizens of this country.

2 13

Another way is to look for emotions on Twitch and similar sites. Also in the CIS market you can buy a video with a real emotion for $ 1-2.


This error occurs due to the haste of the creative or dishonest work. But such a trifle as a currency greatly affects the final result. An example of such an error: We pour on Brazil, and indicate the currency $R. But the currency in Brazil is R$. Such creativity will immediately cause distrust in a person.



Most often, the creative takes the first logo of the bank of the country we are targeting in the search. Therefore, it is worth checking whether the bank we indicate works with individuals, maybe it is only for legal entities. And it’s also worth clarifying whether the bank with the selected geo-location and audience is really relevant.

5 1


The winnings must be the average wage in the chosen country, multiplied by two or three times. Specifying a prize for the Czech audience of 5,000 kroons would be the wrong decision, because the average salary in the Czech Republic is 40,000 kroons, so the best option in this situation would be to set a prize of 80,000 – 120,000 kroons.

Lack of logic

This point may seem completely silly, but quite a lot of creatives make this mistake. We take fruit slots and decide to also add a pirate chest there. This is most illogical! The chest can be attributed to a pirate theme, while the fruit is more of a “classic casino look”. You can also give an example when the Tomb Raiders and Dog House “interfere”.



The human brain reads information in 13 milliseconds. Therefore, you should not allocate 5 seconds per spin – it will quickly get boring and a person will scroll through the ad. This error applies to all parts of the creative, spins, flying monkeys getting money. It is better to allocate time for information – what prize, what bank, etc.

Sound accompaniment

Sound effects are another important component, along with other production components.

Animation should not be like in a silent movie – a notification has come – we will put an iPhone ringtone. In this case, we kill two birds with one stone – we animated the animation and added the sound of “success”, the sound of a premium phone. Also, do not be lazy in working out the little things. If a coin falls, add a sound to it, because the sounds of money and the ringing of the cash register will only warm up the person’s interest. Sound effects can make all the difference. See the difference between creatives where there is sound and where it is not.

Examples of creatives with and without sound.

(with sound)



In creatives, as in any other business, there are a lot of points that you should pay attention to in order to get the desired result. Of course, these seven mistakes do not close the list, but even if you avoid the above “rake”, the work will go faster and more efficiently.

It’s always worth checking out the video before uploading. By reviewing it 10-15 times and finding an error, you will lose less than the video upload will hit the final result hard.

Our team wishes everyone good luck and hopes that this article will help in future work!

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Спасибо, полезная статья про креативы в GAMBLING.

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