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Traffic arbitrage +where to start 9

This article will be more for beginners. Since most of the guys know what Traffic Arbitrage is and how to make money on it, in 2023.

In simple words, what is traffic arbitrage.

This is buying traffic, clients, applications cheaper and selling them more expensive. For example, Petya comes to you and says I will give you $1000 for advertising, you must bring me 100 applications for my product. You start advertising and spend $500, get 100 applications at such and such a price per client. That leaves you with another $500, which is your profit margin. This is the essence of traffic arbitrage. Buying traffic is cheaper, selling traffic is more expensive.

How to earn + on traffic arbitrage.

1. First, you need to decide on the source where you will buy advertising.

2. We need to understand where we are going to sell our traffic, applications, leads (A lead is an application from a customer.).

3. We need accounts to run ads from the source from which we are going to run traffic.

4. We need proxies under the country of the account from which we will run ads.

5. We need an anti-detect browser – it’s some kind of software that spoofs the hardware so that it doesn’t block ad accounts.

6. Will need creatives, text description product under run ads for your offer, product, service.

7. We will need cards to link to our advertising accounts. (The card is needed so we can pay for advertising. To the traffic sources we have chosen.)

8. We’ll need hosting and a domain if we’re going to run affiliate ads.

9. Everything listed above, from point 1 through 8 you need to start chaining and running ads.

What is a vertical, an offerer.

It’s a product, a service that you attract traffic to and make money from.

Traffic Arbitrage Training.

If you don’t understand how things are going to work at all, you just want to be taken by the hand and walked through everything, then I recommend passing. A private marathon on Traffic Arbitrage.

You can check out the marathon here:

Bez nazvaniya
Traffic arbitrage +where to start 10

In Marathon’s private chat room 283 participants who have been trained and are now make money in Traffic Arbitrage.

If you are going to buy training or anything else from someone else, be careful. Work through guarantor services so that you are not cheated.

Let’s start building our chain and start running ads in Traffic Arbitrage.

1. Selecting a traffic source. There are a large number of sources. Facebook/Instagram, Google Ads, TikTok, VKontakte, Twitter, Telegram, May target, etc.

I choose to source my Facebook traffic – I’ve been running ads from there since 2015.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to running ads with Facebook:

2. We need to find an affiliate, a person who has his own product or service. What is an affiliate. (This is so to say such a store where you can find a product, service on which you want to run traffic and earn on it.)
Here you can see the list of verified affiliates:

Partner acts as an intermediary between you and the person who uploads here his goods, for example bags. You do not know this man. Do not trust him, afraid to so say invest money, and what if he then we do not pay anything. For this and there are affiliate programs

Which act as a guarantor between you who runs the ads and between the person who uploaded his product to the affiliate and is looking for customers to sell his product.

3. We need accounts to run ads from Facebook traffic source.

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Traffic arbitrage +where to start 11
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Traffic arbitrage +where to start 12

There are different categories of Accounts, we take and test each category ourselves. I also recommend you to take a few categories of accounts and try to run ads from them as shown above under number 1.

“We only buy our own consumables here under Facebook Traffic Source:

4. Need a proxy for the account country now I will show you proven services.

Screenshot 2023 07 25 at 00 11 02
Traffic arbitrage +where to start 13

Link to verified services:
Here we have collected proven services that we use ourselves.

5. We need the anti-detection browser itself where we will add our ad accounts.

Screenshot 2023 07 25 at 00 31 37
Traffic arbitrage +where to start 14

This is where we’ve compiled the tried and true anti-detect browsers:
They also have payment discounts on them. Where there’s a green square with a percentage.

6. Creatives for your products or services, where to get them.

There are several options for creatives. 1 is to make them themselves through video editors, photoshop, 2 option is to order designer creatives for your product, 3 there are already ready-made creatives for your offer, product:

Here’s a more detailed description of where to get them 🔼

About the text, where to take it. Text, it is a description of the product is needed to run advertising that the client read the description of the product and thus there was more interest to buy it, themselves went to the site and make orders. Text under your goods can be seen here:

7. Cards to run ads, where to get them now.

Screenshot 2023 07 25 at 00 44 15
Traffic arbitrage +where to start 15

Regarding cards linked to advertising offices. We have collected actual services that we use ourselves: you can see the whole thing here.

8. Hosting and domain, if you run traffic to the affiliate you need hosting – it is a cloud server where will be stored sites, lendings on which your product is placed. + you will need to prolinovat on hosting domain – this is the name of your site.

Screenshot 2023 07 25 at 00 50 47
Traffic arbitrage +where to start 16

1. Hosting can be chosen here: picked out some good web hosts that we use ourselves.

2. Regarding the domain that you will need to buy and link to the hosting, you can choose your domain here. Click here

3. How to buy a domain, how to buy hosting and park it all in between step by step. You can check it out here:

“If you have questions, write them to us in chat”:
“Best consumables for running ads on Fb”:
“Join our Telegram channel”:


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Отличный пошаговый план! Спасибо Артём!

27 июля 2023 04:47


Арбитраж трафика – это процесс покупки трафика (например, через контекстную рекламу или социальные сети) и его последующей продажи рекламодателям за комиссию.

Для начала работы в арбитраже трафика необходимо выполнить несколько шагов:

Выбрать нишу. Необходимо выбрать нишу, в которой вы разбираетесь и имеете опыт работы. Например, если вы занимаетесь продажей товаров для здоровья, то можно выбрать нишу “витамины и добавки”.

Изучить рынок. Необходимо изучить рынок, на котором вы собираетесь работать, узнать о конкурентах и их предложениях.

Создать сайт или лендинг. Необходимо создать сайт или лендинг, на котором будет размещена информация о ваших товарах или услугах. Лендинг – это страница, которая содержит только одно предложение и форму для заказа товара.

Настроить контекстную рекламу. Необходимо настроить контекстную рекламу, используя ключевые слова и ключевые фразы, связанные с вашей нишей.

Найти рекламодателей. Необходимо найти рекламодателей, которые заинтересованы в покупке трафика. Для этого можно использовать социальные сети, форумы и другие площадки.

Заключить договор. Необходимо заключить договор с рекламодателем, в котором будут прописаны условия сотрудничества.

Отслеживать результаты. Необходимо отслеживать результаты работы и анализировать их. Если результаты не соответствуют ожиданиям, то нужно вносить корректировки в стратегию работы.

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