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Work in – Traffic Arbitrage is in high demand in our community right now. Teams, solo arbitrageurs are actively looking for people who will fulfill their tasks.

There are several areas in Traffic Arbitration. Where you can be taken as an employee.
Arbitrage circles have their own vocabulary. I will decipher it for you now.🙂

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1. Farmer: This is a person who registers accounts, checks their activity, turns an empty account into an active and strong account. From which they then run advertising or sell it in a store.

2. Creative: It’s a person who draws creatives. A kind of designer who can draw any kind of product photography. That they run ads on.

3. Technician: Specialist who understands the configuration of servers, hosting, parking domains, able to work with the tracker, use cloaca, create withes.

4. Coder: This person should have knowledge of writing websites, applications. His/her main task is to write code according to clearly formulated specifications and pre-selected algorithms.

5. Bayer/Mediabayer:A person who knows how to run ads, optimize bundles, look for bundles, look for approaches to run ads.

6. Tmlid: He/she is a leader in his/her team, he/she builds all the processes and builds the task plan for the employees.

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For whom will it be relevant ? 🤔

1. You’re A large team that deals with advertising and is looking for an assistant, an employee in the team.

2. You are new to Traffic Arbitrage and want to find a team to take you under their wing.

3. For example, you’re a solo arbitrageur- “this person who works 1 without a team and runs the ads himself and controls all the processes himself.” You need a person who makes creatives you can look for vacancies on our site, maybe there is such a person who does creatives well.

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как найти сотрудника в арбитраже трафика?

1. Поиск в социальных сетях.
2. Использование специализированных площадок для поиска работы.
3. Размещение объявлений о поиске сотрудников на сайтах, посвященных арбитражу трафика.
4. Обращение к рекрутинговым агентствам.
5. Рекомендации от уже работающих сотрудников.

Это следуйте этой инструкции и всё у вас получится.

Как найти работу в арбитраже трафика?

1. Изучите рынок арбитража трафика и выберите подходящую нишу.
2. Создайте профиль на популярных платформах для поиска работы, таких как LinkedIn, Indeed или Glassdoor.
3. Обратитесь к своим контактам в индустрии арбитража трафика, чтобы получить рекомендации от опытных специалистов.
4. Участвуйте в онлайн-курсах и вебинарах, связанных с арбитражем трафика, чтобы расширить свои знания и навыки.
5. Создайте портфолио своих работ и достижений в арбитраже трафика, чтобы привлечь внимание потенциальных работодателей.

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