In Norway, Facebook is facing a daily million-dollar fine.

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In Norway, Facebook is facing a daily million-dollar fine. 2

The Norwegian regulator will fine Meta*, a company, one million Norwegian kroner ($98,500) a day from August 14 for privacy violations, the agency said Рейтер citing Norway’s user data protection agency.

Norwegian authorities said Facebook and Instagram will be temporarily blocked in Norway over tracking user data for advertising. The agency demanded that Meta* stop showing personalized ads to users in Norway based on their online activity and perceived location. According to Reuters, the company had until August 4 to provide evidence to the regulator that the problem had been resolved.

According to an official announcement, starting August 14, platform Meta* (which owns Facebook* and Instagram*) will be subject to penalties of one million NOK per day for violations of user privacy and confidentiality.

According to a Reuters report, the agency had previously announced that Meta* may not collect users’ personal information in Norway without their explicit consent.

In 2021, the UK launched an investigation into Meta, a competition law firm. The investigation raised suspicions that Meta was involved in schemes that allowed it to access the advertising data of businesses that used its services in order to develop and improve its products. This is not the first investigation of this kind to be conducted against this company. The European Union Commission has previously accused the American company of abusing its dominant position in the advertising market to promote its own advertising products.

We’ll see how things develop. 🤔

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