How to use many Emails at the same time (without re-logging)

Everyone who is in one way or another associated with SMM marketing, traffic arbitrage, advertising activities, etc. are constantly faced with the need to confirm or register social network accounts via email.

Naturally, the more accounts are used, the more unique emails are required. And each marketer, depending on their volume of registrations, solves this issue in their own way.

But in the end, everyone is faced with 2 questions:

1. What’s the easiest way to get new unique mail, and always have access to it?
To always have access to them?

2. How to simplify/optimize the process of re-logging to mailboxes
mailboxes to receive a particular email?

These are the questions we will try to answer today.

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Where do I get mailboxes and emails?

There are several options, but each option has its pros and cons:

1. Register on your own. Perhaps the easiest and, at first glance, the most obvious option. There are a number of free email services. The most common are,, and many others. This method is suitable if you do not need a large number of mail, because firstly, to register a large number of independently quite tedious, and secondly, some mail services requires the registration of a unique cell phone number. If you need at least a few dozen mailboxes, then this option will suit us poorly.

2. Buy ready-made mail. You can buy the required number of mails in any quantity. The cost depends on the particular postal service and the store itself. The average cost of 1 mail is in the range 1-5 cents. Perhaps this option can be called the most universal. The only disadvantage is that each time you confirm/receive your mail, you need to log in to the service by entering your username and password from your mailbox. And if you use different mail services, you also have to enter the mail on different sites. This is not convenient.

3. For “quick” registration, in some cases it is more convenient to use temporary mail services. For example, This service allows you to quickly generate a one-time mailbox and receive mail. If you need another email, you can simply generate a new (unique) mailbox in this service. Thus, there is no need for constant re-logging (changing email manually). But this method also has a number of disadvantages. There are two main disadvantages to this approach:

“Trust” to such “boxes” on the part of some services (e.g. Facebook) is lower and the letter may not come.

You will not have subsequent access to this mailbox, as it is a one-time mail. And if in the future you need to re-confirm this mailbox, you will not have that opportunity. Sometimes this is a key point when using mail.

So how do you make it so that you can use a lot of mail simultaneously, without re-logging and, at the same time, you would always have instant access to any mailbox?

This is the task before us.

So that we always have access to mail, temporary mailboxes are not suitable for us. So we will use purchased mailboxes. We only need to solve the issue with a quick (and preferably automatic) change of the mailbox (without entering the login / password).

Most email services allow you to add multiple accounts at once. But, first, they cannot work simultaneously, which means that you still have to switch between accounts. Second, their number is often limited. And third, it is only possible within one email service.

Also various specialized mailing programs (like The Bat and Thunderbird) do not quite fit our needs, because they are more specialized in terms of broad functionality when working with a large number of letters, but within the limits of one box. It is important for us to be able to add a large number of new mailboxes quickly and easily, and the functionality itself is not very important.


The solution I was able to find is the Vivaldi browser with a built-in email function. You can download it from the official site for free.

This program is a full-featured browser. It is lightweight and functional. Vivaldi is not as well known among browsers as Chrome or Fire Fox, but it has a great feature of built-in mail service, which we will use.

After launching the installation file, the program will offer 2 basic installation options: Normal installation (for all users or for the current user) and Standalone run (or Portable version).

1 скрин

Better to choose “Offline”

You can choose any option, but in my opinion, the “Standalone” option (portable version) is preferable in this case: you will add new emails and your database will grow. And if, suddenly, you need to reinstall the operating system, the program will not fail and will run on a new system without problems, since it is not integrated with Windows. Also, if necessary, the program with e-mails can be transferred on a flash drive for use on another computer.

Configuring emails with Vivaldi

A huge advantage of this program is the ease of setting up your mail, the whole process of setting up your mail is automated as much as possible. Vivaldi picks up mail servers/ports by itself and we only have to put mail and password into the database. This is done only once.

And it allows you to continue to receive mail to all added boxes at the same time.

After launching the program, the first thing to do is to go to “Settings”

2 скрин

Go to Settings. Option 1

3 1
How to use many Emails at the same time (without re-logging) 10

You can get to “Settings” this way, too

In the window that opens, click on “Mail

How to use many Emails at the same time (without re-logging) 11

Go to the mail settings.

Next, click on the “Plus” to add a new mailbox.

How to use many Emails at the same time (without re-logging) 12

Adding a new email.

To add a new mailbox, all you have to do is enter your mail (login) and password. Vivaldi makes all the settings by itself. But there is also a manual mode of mail configuration.

6 Скрин

Fills in our mailbox.

Press “Next”.

How to use many Emails at the same time (without re-logging) 13

Here’s the password.

And that’s it, your mailbox is added and ready to go.

This way you can add as many mailboxes as you want (although mass additions are not provided)
8 скрин

The boxes are ready to receive mail.

All of your added mailboxes will be available for acceptance at ONE time. Now you don’t have to re-login every time to accept a message to a specific box.

To receive mail in real time, you just have to keep Vivaldi running.

When a new message arrives at any of the added emails, a notification pops up at the bottom right and by clicking on it, you can read the full text of the email.

9 Скрин

While I was writing this article, a new letter came.

An important addition to the postal selection!

Theoretically, you can use mailboxes of any services (both Russian and foreign). But in order to add mailboxes of some services, you may have to do it manually, prescribing servers, because Vivaldi will not be able to pick up settings automatically. And some services will refuse to work with this program at all for different reasons.

Therefore, I recommend that before making a mass purchase of mailboxes of a particular mail service, first take a few pieces and test how they will work with the program.

For myself, the best choice when working with this program, I consider mailboxes from services: and (from microsoft), service (Germany).

These services are normally detected by Vivaldi in automatic mode and are inexpensive to buy. In addition, these mail services have quite high trust and deliverability of emails.

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