How to bypass the phone number confirmation on Facebook when passing the ZRD.

Interesting method. I recommend everyone to try it. It works now.
22.06.2023 Year.

▶️ The best consumables for running ads in Fb.◀️

Link to page:

If you have any questions, write below. Have a good test.

Белоруссия Аккаунт под быстрый запуск: -фото, email, token, user agent, cookies-. ☘️ ✅

Who watched the video to the end, here’s a giveaway for you.
3 Facebook Accounts.

1. FB: [email protected] bYkIN567

2. FB: [email protected] plWnnF83

3. FB: [email protected] L9Ibbb24

Who manages to come in and change the password, turn on 2 fa. He will get 3 accounts 🙂

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