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❌ It is forbidden in advertising:

Depicting nudity, except where permitted by Community Standards, or allusions to nudity, such as undressing;
Excessively show the nude body, even without sexual innuendo;
Post images emphasizing certain parts of the body, even without sexual innuendo;
Promote dating services if the ad focuses on a partially clothed model.

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✅ In advertising, it is allowed:

Show photos of paintings, sculptures, and other artwork with nudity, as long as they do not emphasize nudity or sexual acts;
Emphasize parts of the body in the context of breastfeeding or maintaining breast health, but without explicit nudity;
Depict nipples in the context of breast health promotion if the advertising creative consists of illustrations or medical diagrams and is intended for people 18 years of age and older.

Meta – is an international company, and advertising on platforms is seen by many people from different cultures and countries. Therefore, Meta tries to be culturally sensitive with regard to adult content. Nude images may be published for different purposes and there may be certain exceptions for advertising related to art and health.

Source: https://t.me/metamanag

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